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Spacetoon is a networked television station in Indonesia owned by Children's Television Broadcasting Network Spacetoon Indonesia prioritizing children's target audience. Television stations that work together under a license Spacetoon International is airing in Jakarta (27 UHF), Bandung (30 UHF), Garut, Medan 43 (UHF), Surabaya (58 UHF), Malang, Kediri, Jember, and Madiun. Other than through channels Free-to-Air in 9 cities, Spacetoon Network Indonesia can be viewed through multiple networks such as First Media Television Subscription, Jogja Media Net, Cable Television Association and the Indonesia network.

Children's TV Spacetoon will form a networked broadcast system in various major cities in Indonesia. These cities, among others, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Malang, Denpasar, Makassar, Palembang, and several other large cities that will follow.

Time slot from 05:00 to 22:00 o'clock pm. His motto is "Spacetoon Channel Future"

Since March 28, 2007 Children's TV Spacetoon also be watched via the Palapa C-2 with a frequency of 4080 MHz and symbol rate 28.125 MSPs. Through the medium of C-2 satellite palapa Spacetoon TV is expected to be enjoyed by all children in Indonesia. Services via satellite can be seen in Free-to-Air in the 24-hour broadcast every day. In addition can be watched via satellite, Spacetoon TV is now also present through the medium of mobile telecommunications by utilizing the 3G service has been launched by Excelcomindo (XL), Indosat and Telkomsel. With the cooperation with the 3G operators on the ground water, Spacetoon TV shows can be enjoyed by mobile / live streaming. Hopefully with the presence of Spacetoon impressions through a variety of media can provide a spectacle of quality, fit and healthy for children - children of Indonesia.

Apart from Arabic, the Group launched an English language channel, in 2005 that broadcasts in the Middle East and North Africa, and a channel dedicated to teens. SpaceToon now operates channels in English, Indonesian, Korean and Hindi.

SpaceToon Production has produced a 52 episode educational TV series called “Data City”. SpaceToon owns the licensing rights to some of the hottest brand names in children's characters, including the well-loved Let’s & Go.

SpaceToon was the first channel in the world to categorize its programs into ten “planets” on the basis of suitability for a particular audience in a solar system of ten planets (Action, Adventure, Bon Bon, Comedy, Education, Girls, History, Movie, Science and Sports). This concept is protected by license.

In publishing, the SpaceToon Kids Magazine encourages them to learn about the world around them. Cartoon characters from TV programs guide kids through each section of the magazine, helping them to learn through fun. SpaceToon Girls Magazine is the only magazine entirely dedicated to young girls. The magazine is packed with craft activities, health & beauty issues, along with stories from the "Girls Planet" TV programs. Over 200,000 copies of Spacetoon Kids Magazine are printed every month and are distributed throughout the region. Spacetoon “Girl’s” Magazine has a monthly print run of 50,000 copies.

The company produced a “Mini Theater” which plays in the major cities of the GCC countries. The productions are based on animated cartoons such as “Popeye”, “Pink Panther”, “Detective Conan” etc. SpaceToon also developed the “Think & Play” concept, which allows kids to take part in activities such as the Let’s & Go racing event (which attracted over 140,000 paying competitors in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt).

SpaceToon business footprint covers the Middle East, North Africa, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, and India.

* Dragon Ball (Action)
* Dragon Ball Z (Action)
* Slam Dunk (Sport)
* Baldios (Action)
* Gundam Wing (Action)
* Pokémon (Action)(just the first tow seasons)
* Detective Conan (Action)
* Digimon (Action)
* Naruto (Action)
* Hamtaro (Zomoruda)
* Time Quest (Adventure)
* Around the World with Willy Fog (Adventure)
* D.I.C.E (Action)
* Bakusō Kyōdai Let's & Go!! (Sport)
* Beyblade (Action)
* Super Sonic Spinner
* Crush Gear Turbo (Sport)
* Marry Bell
* Erico
* Corrector Yui (Zomoruda)
* Magical Emi (Zomoruda)
* BidaBall
* Idol Tenshi Youkoso Yoko (Zomodruda)
* Poko Nyan! (Comedy)
* Hunter × Hunter (Adventure)
* Minky Momo (Zomoruda)
* one piece
* Off Side (Sport)
* kalido star (Zomoruda)
* ultra maniac (Zomoruda)
* Ninja Hatori
* Tokyo Mew Mew (Zomoroda)
* Princess Comet (Zomoroda)
* Daigunder
* Sonic X (Action)

[sunting] Acara Spacetoon Indonesia

* Quiz Me Science
* Sing With Me
* Dongeng Pagi
* Miss Spider Sunny Patch Friend's
* Gatchman
* Hello Koala
* Treasure From The Past
* OB Home Shopping
* Kampung Edu
* Paul's Miraculous Adventure
* George Shrink
* Franklin
* Survive This
* Jankenman
* Dunia Ceria Anak
* Celoteh Cilik
* Sweet Mint
* Taman Hati
* Aku Juara
* Anak Juara
* Lejel Home Shopping
* LVG Home Shopping
* Hakasima Home Shopping
* Cooking Class
* webdiver gladion
* Generasi Quran
* Super Shopping
* Sehat Bersama Herbal
* Sehat & Ceria
* Puisiku
* Panggung Dongeng
* Panggung Durian
* The Shoe People
* Go For Speed
* Selamat Pagi Bunda
* Beranda Anak
* Curhat Ayah Bunda
* Birthday Bersama Chipmunk
* Marybell
* ez Shop (Superfine)
* Temple The Ballonist
* Tiny Planet
* Toopy & Binoo
* Baby and I
* Iron Kid
* Hakasima Home Shopping
* Cinta Indonesia
* Cooking Class
* Princess Lulu
* Muteking The Dashing Warrior
* Peci Si Alif
* Zillion
* Lets & Go
* Care Bear
* Dragon
* Kung Fu Story Of Taiji Panda
* Honey Bee Hutchi
* Transformer Cyberton
* Asari Chan
* Sylvanian Families
* Ngetem
* Mutiara Hati
* Santri Zone
* Dharma For Kids
* Pintar Menggambar
* Monchichi
* Ellen's Acres
* Music Chic
* Informasi Mata Anak
* Sneezing Magician
* The Song Of Tentomushi
* Princess Knight
* Daddy Long Legs
* Maxman
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Action)
* FeFe
* Tutut Si Mulut Besar
* Mr. Moon
* The Fairly OddParents (Comedy)
* Mr. Bean (Comedy)
* Kamen Rider Ryuki (Action)
* Elliot Moose (Bon Bon)
* Dragon Booster (Action)
* Bandorelos
* Chaotic (Action)
* Silverwing (Action)
* Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (Bon Bon)
* Backyardigans (Bon Bon)
* Tin Tin (Adventure)
* The Berenstain Bears (Bon Bon)
* Miss Spider (Bon Bon)
* Biker Mice From Mars (Action)
* Toonimals! (Comedy)
* Max & Ruby
* Magic School Bus
* The Baby and I

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