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Telkomvision Online Streaming Free

TELKOMVision is a subscription-based direct broadcast satellite (DBS) or direct-to-home satellite television and cable television provider service initially in Indonesia. It is member of TELKOM Group [1]

PT. Indonusa Telemedia "TELKOMVision" was established 7 May 1997 and began operations in 1999. PT Indonusa Telemedia "TELKOMVision" started as a company consisting of several shareholders:

* PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom)
* PT Telkomindo Primabhakti (Megacell)
* PT Rajawali Cira Televisi Indonesia (RCTI)
* PT Datakom Asia (Datakom Asia)

By 2003, Telkom became its principal shareholder currently holding 98.75% share of PT Indonusa Telemedia "TELKOMVision", while the rest (1.25%) is owned by Datakom.[2]

TELKOMVision coverage area for analog cable TV is exclusively in selected cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta[3], Bandung[4], Semarang[5], Bali[6], and Surabaya[7]. For every cities, TELKOMVision has different channel offered.[8] TELKOMVision also has digital cable TV that covered Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.[9]

TELKOMVision coverage area for satellite is all across Indonesia with 11 distributor area.[10] TELKOMVision is using Telkom 1 satellite (c-band).

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