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MNCTV, formerly TPI is an Indonesia private television station based in East Jakarta. TPI was established by Tutut Soeharto, the first daughter of then president Suharto. Owned by the MNC Group, it began broadcasting on 23 January 1991. MNCTV owned by Media Nusantara Citra and Panasonic Corporation that have RCTI and Global TV.

It began broadcasting only educational programs, but has since become similar to other Indonesian TV stations, showing programs such as quizzes and "sinetron" soap operas, reality TV, sport, and lately, dangdut music.

Early days

TPI was created as an educational television station by state broadcaster TVRI in 1991. By the time of its launch in 1991, it airs as an educational programming block targeted to elementary students, junior high school students and high school students, 2 hours per day on TVRI. To do so, it accompanied with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. As a programming block, it airs a high school subject matter.

On April 1991, the block was expanded into 4 hours, later to 6.5 hours on June 1, 1992 and finally to eight hours on November 30, 1991. Still, it shares channel space with TVRI. On May 1, 1993, TPI began to air its first soap opera program as a distraction.
1995-2003: Splitting service

On February 17, 1995, TPI began to air its first reality TV programming. After TPI ended its ties with TVRI in 1997, its educational programs have been displaced by more soap opera and entertainment programming. In 1998, the channel retired the original branding name "Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia" (lit. Indonesian Educational Television) in favor of the on-air name "Televisi Keluarga Indonesia". On May 18, 2001, the TPI name was used but only using the simple word "TPI" instead. Also, TPI began to expand more programs that related to musics.

From 2002, it focused on dangdut programs. The most successful dangdut contest, Kontes Dangdut Indonesia is an dangdut version that derived from RCTI's Indonesian Idol.
2003-2009: Awarded its shows and acquisition by MNC

During the 1997 Indonesian Soap-Opera Award, its very honourable soap opera Mat Angin by Deddy Mizwar, which was aired by TPI, won 11 awards, plus the 5 awards again next year from the same series. Not forgetting also the most favorite events in Indonesia was Santapan Nusantara a culinary program hosted by Enita Sriyana, who is a culinary expert. In addition, it also awarded more for its first and oldest quiz show Kuis Dangdut (hosted by H. Jaja Miharja).

On July 6, 2006, Media Nusantara Citra and Panasonic Corporation, who also owns RCTI and Global TV, acquired 75% of the channel. Then in 2007, new employees are hired, such as Mayjen. TNI. (purn.) Sang Nyoman Suwisma, and Dandy Nugroho Rukmana.
2009-2010: Decline

During its 2009-2010 season, TPI does not air its sport show. On October 20, 2009, a controversial reported said that Communications expert from the University of Indonesia (UI) Ade Armando review decisions of the judges who pulls entertainment programs from TPI is singularity. Armando said that it must be should the decision of the Commercial Court (PN) which granted the request of the Central Jakarta bankruptcy PT Global Crown Capital Limited (CCGL) on PT TPI reviewed further.

The handling cases involving the mass media can not be equated with the handling or other service companies. Because, not all people are able and capable of using it, so that the handling had to be excluded. "It looks very sloppy, not equal," he said. In this bankruptcy decision, according to Ade, a loss not only experienced by the company but also harmed the public.

Anticipating similar things, there must be a joint effort of several parties, such as the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), the Association of Private Television, and other stakeholders. Especially against the decision issued unilaterally and awkward legal institutions.

Decisions of bankruptcy has also been supported from the Parliament in the legal process underway in the level of the Indonesian Supreme Court. Support was expressed Marzuki Alie when receiving the visit of Directors of TPI in the study of the DPR, Senayan, Jakarta, on November 25, 2009.
2010-present: Re-Launch TPI to MNCTV and the upcoming planning

Since October 20 2010, TPI officially changed its name to MNCTV. These changes occur because of TPI was not in accordance with the written context on the television that is becoming one of television that smells of education in Indonesia, and therefore the name changed of TPI to MNCTV to change the image in the eyes of society.

In 2011, MNCTV will bought copyrights and air rights of Akademi Fantasi Indosiar in Indosiar, Akademi Fantasia in Malaysia, and will be relaunching as VIVA AFIStar.

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