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Antv is an Indonesian television network based in South Jakarta. It is owned by the family of Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie. antv now has owned by PT Visi Media Asia.[1]

antv was launched on March 1, 1993 as a local television station in Lampung province. In the same month it was awarded a government license for nationwide broadcasting moved its studio to Jakarta. The first programming it produced itself was live coverage of the general session of the People's Consultative Assembly on 1 March 1993.[2]

Right on March 1, 1993 antv for the first time the program produces its own form of actual news coverage the way the General Council of the DPR / MPR. At one, antv successfully conducted live broadcast coverage of the way of important statesman. Is a special moment now as the day so antv.

This television station in the first devoted audience in the youth (aged 13–25 years) and had broadcast events MTV Indonesia. After early 2000s, this station evolved into a station for all ages, together with other television stations.

On September 29, 2005, Rupert Murdoch's Asian broadcaster STAR TV bought a 20% stake in antv (split from TV7). Under Indonesian law, foreign companies can only have a 20% stake in local media companies.[1]

As of 2008, antv has 24 relay stations covering 155 cities across Indonesia. It reaches 130 million people.[2]

ANTV was founded on January 1, 1993 as a local television station in the city of Lampung. Date January 18, 1993 national broadcast quiz received permission by the Minister of Information no. 04A/1993. Ten days after the permit out quiz aired nationally. Studio quiz which was originally located in Lampung was transferred to Jakarta.

Exact date of March 1, 1993 quiz for the first time to produce its own programs in the form of news coverage of the actual course of the General Assembly of DPR / MPR. At that time managed to do a live quiz covering the course of an important state activity. Special moment that is now used as the anniversary quiz.

This television station was originally devoted to the teen audience (ages 13-25 years) and never broadcast events MTV Indonesia until the early 2000s, but in 2002 the station was developed into a station for all ages, together with other television stations.

quiz successfully listed its glorious achievements in the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the organizer of the concert for 72 hours which was held late in 2003.

On 30 April 2006 quiz managed to establish strategic partnerships with world television network Star TV. Cooperation is characterized by the inclusion of 20% stake to STAR TV quiz. This is in accordance with applicable regulations.

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